A Discovery and Strawberry Jam with Balsamic Vinegar and Black Pepper

I’ve always liked the idea of canning things. Picturing myself in a poofy, straight-out-of-the 50’s apron, pulling scones, muffins, and brioche out of my bright red Kenmore oven. Putting five different types of homemade jam on the table and calling my girlfriends over for brunch. Doesn’t that sounds lovely? Just the idea of going to the pantry and having five different jams to choose from makes me feel very satisfied, very industrious. But then I remember, I don’t really eat jam. I’ve always been a peanut-butter and honey sandwich type of girl and assumed any jam I made would languish in the back of the pantry, sad, and forgotten.
Oh boy was I wrong. Since last summer when an overabundance of U-pick strawberries forced me to try my hand at canning, I’ve never looked back. Turns out I’m just picky!

I got this recipe from Saving the Season and haven’t changed a thing so check it out here. I live with little kids that don’t always love spicy food so I kept the pepper as written. If I’d been making it for myself I would have probably tripled it. I also found the balsamic vinegar to be more a counterbalance to the sweetness of the strawberries than a significant flavor profile. This is not a complaint.

Stay Sweet!


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