Hello Hi Hey

I woke up in a grumpy mood this morning. I’ve been rubbing against a small irritation between my husband and I for a while; one of those little things that pops up every so often that I could easily choose to ignore but instead, I let it take up space. I choose to rub it against hard surfaces in my brain. Give it a scratch here and there. Make it come to the surface and make itself known. It’s no more than a little itch but I’ve made it into a damn rash in my brain.

I was ready to be grumpy all day; had resigned myself to feeling a little angry and a little distant. Scratching the itch this morning, I said hello to it. “Here we are again, aren’t we? Well, let’s get on with it then; slog through the familiar frustration and get on with my day.”

Sometimes inspiration comes in unexpected places, doesn’t it? Sometimes you can hear something one hundred times and then, suddenly, on that 101st listen, something clicks that changes your attitude and your outlook. This song came on as I was scratching.

Now, the whole song is great and always lightens my mood a little bit but these lyrics jumped out at me this time; they are so simple and so powerful. “I never hold a grudge cause Love is the way. Hello hi hey”.

Love is the way.

Love IS the way.

Love is the way.

Just say that to yourself a few times and see if it doesn’t melt some stiffness away. Doesn’t that feel good?

I said it to myself over and over. I felt the itch lose some of its sting. And then I sent a simple, loving, text to my husband just thanking him for being the amazing person and partner that he is. *love is the way* The sides of that irritation started smoothing out. Then he sent one back: a sweet, loving, message of gratitude and happiness. What was I itching, again?

And just like that, it was gone; pushed out of the way by love and connection and gratitude.

Where are you stiff today? Where are you itchy? Think about this quote and see if it can be a salve for those painful spots. Remember, love is the way, hello hi hey.



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