come back to center

come back to center come back

to center come back

come back to centercome back to center come

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Get out of my head

Raw images burned

Try to focus on myself

They keep coming back

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You do know the truth

This doesn’t have to matter

Heart needs convincing

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Surprising News

a quick, tight, inhale

mind goes blank, pulse increases

Quick! Decide, Feelings

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“blah blah blah”

Sometimes it matters

Everyone has reactions

Xenogamy’s tough

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What if we are wrong?

It’s all just a guessing game

Forever’s not real

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Trust the Process

What is Balance like?

Teeter Totter up and down

Finding my middle

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“I’m sick.”

“I’ll be there”

Bottles of wine and chocolate

No words, just presence

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moss, deep lake, chartreuse

Rainbows and hues of stained glass

Welcome Home Summer

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Find the Good

Trust is a dark cave

Perspective is Everything

Where’s the white hot light?

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